Seminar Software Selection & Software Introduction

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Our seminar Software Selection & Software Introduction deals with all aspects of software evaluation and selection of standard software in a business and cloud environment. Based on the requirement and business analysis, various methods of a selection process are presented and the respective advantages and disadvantages explained. Based on this, best practices will be taught on the subject of supplier presentations, scoring, price negotiations as well as commissioning and software implementation. The target group of this seminar are entrepreneurs, IT architects, business analysts, department heads, product owners, project managers and IT professionals. Ideally suited for the planning of a software selection project.

Contents of the seminar Software Selection & Software Introduction:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Operating Models (Cloud, On Premise, Hybrid)
  • Software tender (public, EU tender) vs. free allocation
  • Budgeting
  • Market Screening and Creation Long List
  • Selection and definition of the software selection process
  • Planning and implementation of supplier presentations
  • Assessment options and scoring
  • Price and contract negotiations
  • Commissioning
  • Proof of concept approach
  • Planning software implementation

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Duration: 1 day, 7 hours

Form: online seminar

Seminar locations for the offline seminar: Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome (please send us an inquiry for the seminar plan)

Seminar package: 690,00 € plus VAT per participant

Participants: maximum 5

Certificate: Certificate of Attendance

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