Blockchain Seminar

Drive the technical revolution with Blockchain

With our new seminar on blockchain, this topic will be unraveled to bring you closer to the technology, strategy and law of Blockchain. In this tutorial, let’s take a look at the basic concepts of distributed ledger technology and explain how the different implementations of the blockchain, such as Ethereum, but also recent developments such as IOTA, Lisk, etc. work. We also look at very practical aspects such as the basic development tools.

Not only the legal aspects and limitations but also current and possible use cases are discussed to bring you closer to the topic of Blockchain. The joint workshops will develop possible new business models for your industry and your company.

Course content:

  • Technical basics
  • Use Cases Blockchain
  • Blockchain strategies
  • Blockchain advancements
  • Risk & added value
  • Products from the blockchain

Next date: please send us an inquiry for the seminar plan

Duration: 1 day, 7 hours

Form: online seminar

Seminar locations for the offline seminar: Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome (please send us an inquiry for the seminar plan)

Seminar package: 690,00 € plus VAT per participant

Participants: maximum 5

Certificate: Certificate of Attendance

Registration: by e-mail to

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