Business Analyse & Digital Conception

Business analysis combines different methods from IT, process and change management consulting. We have partially developed these methods. In this way, our consultants ensure a targeted approach in analysis and consultation.

In close cooperation with you we develop concepts, specifications, blue prints and strategies. We also use best practices by leading international companies.

We are your partner when it comes to the following topics:

  • Software analysis, software design and software strategy
  • E-commerce analysis, e-commerce conception and e-commerce strategy
  • CMS analysis, CMS conception and CMS strategy
  • DAM analysis, DAM conception and DAM strategy
  • PIM analysis, PIM design and PIM strategy
  • CRM analysis, CRM conception and CRM strategy
  • ERP analysis, ERP conception and ERP strategy
  • ITSM analysis, ITSM concept and ITSM strategy