DAM Seminar

Central media and data management in times of digital transformation

This up-to-date seminar deals with the use and application of media and digital asset management systems (MAM / DAM) in companies. These systems are also often referred to as a media database, image database, media management, image management, or media portal. Key topics include a neutral market overview of the various MAM / DAM systems, the development of technical and non-technical requirements, the tool evaluation, the integration of existing assets and data as well as the media-neutral dissemination as a brochure, web content, Facebook message etc. Another focus is the derivation of measures for the successful introduction and operation of a DAM system. The target groups of this seminar are all employees in the field of marketing, IT and brand communication who want to manage, store and use media and assets in a media-neutral manner. Likewise, the seminar is ideal for preparing a digital asset management solution.


  • Definitions Digital & Media Asset Management, image database, media database and media portal
  • Derivation and development
  • Media and asset types
  • Requirements for a Digital Asset Management System
  • Market overview (canto cumulus, celum, brandbox, pixelboxx …)
  • Development of an approach
  • Data preparation and migration
  • System evaluation
  • System introduction
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Case Studies
  • Outlook and new developments

Next date: please send us an inquiry for the seminar plan

Duration: 1 day, 7 hours

Form: online seminar

Seminar locations for the offline seminar: Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome (please send us an inquiry for the seminar plan)

Seminar package: 690,00 € plus VAT per participant

Participants: maximum 5

Certificate: Certificate of Attendance

Registration: by e-mail to seminars@digital-business-partner.eu

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